Water Drip Painting with Instructions

art, artwork, water, acrylic, canvas, stretched canvas, diy, crafts

Water Drip Painting

“You want some tea?”  I saw Tim’s head appear behind the screen door before I heard it open.

“I was thinking of making some tea, would you like some?  I have Youth Berry flavor.”  A hint of sarcasm bled through his expression so I couldn’t figure out how serious he was.

Tim didn’t wait for me to respond, “Oh it will be good.  We have some beet sugar to put in it,  sugar crystallized from beets.  You’ll love it.  It’ll be great.”

The screen door slammed before I could muster the words “Yes, I would like some tea.”

I still don’t know if he was being sincere.

I hate beets.


Water Drip Painting Instructions:

You Will Need:

  • Canvas
  • Acrylic Paint (I haven’t tried it with watercolor yet but I will update when I do)
  • Paintbrushes
  • Water

Step 1:

art, artwork, water, acrylic, canvas, stretched canvas, diy, crafts

Leave lots of paint on the canvas, the more paint you have to work with the better!

Select a color scheme. Check out this website if you need some ideas!

Step 2:

Paint your canvas.  Don’t take too much time because you will want wet paint to work with!  Lay the paint on thick.  The more the merrier.

Step 3:

Dunk your canvas under water.  I filled up the sink in my basement.  With the water still running I submerged my painting and immediately took it out.  You can also add the water drop by drop for a more controlled bleeding effect.  Make sure to leave some water on the canvas for the next step.

Step 4:

Lay the canvas on a flat surface.   Blow the water around with your mouth air.  I couldn’t find a better way to phrase that.

Step 5:

Lay your painting on newspaper or plastic and let dry overnight.


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