Swirly Swirl

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Original – acrylic on canvas



Cover From Another (Destiny by Zero 7)


My college had an excuse-to-binge-drink-fest every year near the end of the spring semester.  I’m not going to lie and say I never partook in the genre of beer related gluttony that induces a double vision haze, but it is certainly not one of my favorite things.  So when the festival of drunk college student debauchery unfolded, I would spend my time picking up cans for extra cash and making sure all of my friends made it home safe.

Senior year, 4:00 AM.  My can collecting spree guided me to a development of student apartments in close proximity to the college.  I notice someone laying face-down in the grass in the distance.  I walk closer to investigate.  It’s one of my closest friends, and he appears to have drank enough to foster a deep infatuation of the cold nighttime grass.  I attempt to pick him up, drag him to my car, and somehow manage to lift him into my passenger’s seat.  All the while he kept repeating the same thing: “Erica, this was the best night ever.  You’re the best friend ever.  YOU ARE MY BEST FRIEND.”  He seemed stuck in a repetitive thought loop resulting in an epiphany regarding our friendship.  This continued the entire ride home.

He eventually sobered up and years later we recorded this together.  He’s quite brilliant at keys, and he says I can handle a microphone.  It’s a cover of a (mutual) favorite song by a (mutual) favorite band.  I give you Destiny by Zero 7.



Cover! Lies – Marina and the Diamonds



I enjoy making music.  I enjoy it more than thanksgiving day pie selection (I select every pie to try) and Newegg shopping sprees.  I enjoy it so much I think I can finally justify investing in a decent microphone. Sorry not sorry for the audio quality.  I do the best with what I’ve got (and what I’ve got is a Galaxy S III smartphone).

I’ve needed to take a leap of faith and put myself out there or I will never see progress.  I re-taught myself piano this summer and started busting out some covers.  Here is “Lies” by Marina and the Diamonds. I hope you enjoy.

Original Pile of Words

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Original photography. Photo manipulations done in a darkroom. Poetry inspired by photo.

The other day I felt

The world in its eternity

Bottle up inside me

Until I finally exploded.


It all doesn’t matter anymore.

A day is only

Worth pennies compared to the hour.

Soon it will be done.


A particle, however small

Can change indefinitely.

A dream that before could exist

Now disappears.

Corn and David Hume

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Deliciously grilled corn on the cob. Ear perfection.

I subscribe to Scottish philosopher David Hume’s opinions regarding the nature of human behavior.  Reason doesn’t drive decisions I’ve made, I am instead guided by desires.

I’m not concerned with the embarrassment of a kernel filled smile. It’s an after-thought, a small second helping.  Reasonably considered to be a served side downside. There’s only a few more weeks of grilling weather here in Northeast United States and I’m craving the sultry smoke aftertaste of corn well grilled.  I could even say I desire it.

Break out your grill skills a few more times before winter. I’ll even share a foolproof way to keep your corn succulent, and smoky.  Plump and juicy.  Perfectly cooked.  Now doesn’t that sound like a meal to be desired?


  • Ears of corn, one per person
  • salt
  • seriously, that’s all you’ll need

recipe, corn, grilled corn, food, homemade, grill, prep

Here’s what you do:

1. Peel the husks away from the ear and down to the base (see figure 1).  Be careful to not detach them!  Remove silk. I’m pretty lazy with this step, so more than a few stray silk strands are bound to remain (luckily they are easily removed before consuming).  I have a friend that will sit there for 45 minutes and pluck the silk individually with a pair of tweezers.  Don’t be that friend.  No one has time for that shit.

2. Return the husk back into place (figure 2).

3. Fill a large pot with cold water and about 1 teaspoon of salt.  Submerge corn and let soak for 10 minutes.

4. While corn is soaking warm up the grill to a medium heat.

5. Place corn on grill.  Grill for 25 minutes, turning ears every 5 minutes.  Pierce the corn with a small knife. The corn is done whenthe  kernels feel tender.

6.  Remove  husks. Serve. Enjoy with salt and butter.

corn preparation, lifestyle, recipe, corn, grilled corn, food, homemade, grill, prep

Right: Just finished soaking and on the grill. Left: Almost done, just a few more minutes.



Tantalus found a way to properly piss off the Greek gods.  It was known gossip that he was asked to join the gods for dinner.  Zeus was his father and that helped get him the invite.  While he was there he misbehaved.  He misbehaved something proper.  Some say he tried to bring back the nectar of the gods to the mortals, or that he stole something during his visit.  Others say that he served up a main course of his son (boiled) to the gods in a sadistic attempt at an offering.  The gods weren’t having it.

He was cast away to the Underworld, Tartarus to be specific, to be eternally tantalized.  They set him in a pool, water covering him up to his chin.  Above him draped groves of luscious fruit.  When Tantalus would bend down to drink the water, the water would drain. When he reached up to grab the fruit, the branches would raise beyond his arm’s length.  Suffering continual deprivation while being constantly taunted with nourishment.

Tantalus never stops reaching.

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Watercolor pencils on paper