Just a list of ten things


Seems like lists are all the hype these days. Sites like Buzzfeed and Cracked are notorious for serving a list driven audience.  They thrive in it.  I thought I’d latch on to the rear end of their bandwagon and create a list of my own.


Ten of the Things I Enjoy

  1. Nighttime snacks.  Specifically the ones involving cheese.  If we’re aiming for the ultimate specificity, something with both cheese and crunch.
  2. Fire Manipulation.
  3. The hidden track on Jagged Little Pill.
  4. Things shaped like fire hydrants and wooden replicas of exotic animals.  I’m not sure why I lumped these together.  Think of it as a bonus.
  5. The first colon clearing sip of coffee in the morning.
  6. Ted Talks.
  7. Finding money in an old birthday card or coat pocket.  Finding money.
  8. Binging sci-fi TV shows and preparing the essential skill sets I will need as a future space pirate.
  9. Purple.
  10. Unicorn mythology.

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