Another Addition to the Hummingbird Series

"Sip" Hummingbird Painting Acrylic and Water Color on Canvas, handmade, design, art, artwork, hummingbird, acrylic, watercolor, canvas, beautiful, painting

“Sip” – Hummingbird Painting – Acrylic and Water Color on Canvas

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Experiment: Spray Paint + Acrylic Paint + Water

acrylic, spray paint, golden sunset, stretched canvas, diy, handmade, art, artwork, abstract, gold, pink, blue

Golden Sunset

I wish I invented this abstract painting technique, but I did not.  I stole it (with consent) from a brilliant friend of mine who created many stylistically similar pieces in order to cure “plain white wall syndrome.” When I saw his artwork I knew I had to try it out for myself.

acrylic, spray paint, golden sunset, stretched canvas, diy, handmade, art, artwork, abstract, gold, red, black

Black and Gold


What you’ll need:

  • Canvas
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Paint brush
  • Spray Paint
  • Water


acrylic, spray paint, golden sunset, stretched canvas, diy, handmade, art, artwork, abstract, gold, green, brown

Gold Splattered Turtle


STEP 1:  Cover the canvas with a thick layer of acrylic paint. I decided to make simple blocks of color and then blended them without rinsing my brush.

STEP 2: Pour water over canvas.  Use as little water as possible. I’m talking 2 tablespoons worth.

STEP 3: Lay canvas down flat in a well ventilated area. Gently shake canvas to move the water around (you will want to have a few pools of water to experiment with at first, you can always add more later.)

STEP 4: Add spray paint. I tried two different approaches: spraying the paint directly onto the canvas in short bursts, and spraying the paint into the cap so I could precisely drip the paint exactly where I wanted.  You will see the paint interact with the water in different ways; so experiment with it!  I used both spray paint techniques on each painting. I even tried adding droplets of water on top of the spray paint.

STEP 5:  Allow to dry completely. This took about 7 hours due to the thickness of the paint and the addition of water. Be patient, it is totally worth it. Make sure your drying surface is level or else the paint will slowly drip off the canvas.

STEP 6: Display your beautiful masterpiece, you – artsy connoisseur – you! Fantastic job!!

Scooters and Painted Flower Pot


painted flower pot, flower pot, stained glass, painting, diy, handmade, homemade, acrylic, beautiful, painting


There was a time when I joined a scooter gang. Three members total. We would dress colorfully and patrol the streets of my hometown after the sun had gone down and the restaurants closed for the night. Manual means of transportation only; nothing with electricity or motors. I wore a cookie monster backpack. We would ride our way to the gas station to buy a honey flavored Phillies. Outside we sat on the curb and passed around the cigar. After one puff realized we didn’t particularly enjoy the taste of honey, or the taste of cigar. Streets were rated and categorized by their smoothness and difficulty. Life still seemed effortless; seemed neat and filled with possibilities. I felt invincible.

There was a time I started a “professional” jump rope crew.

There was a time I joined a pyramid scheme.

Life still has time for me; still has time for possibilities.


*** Painted flower pot made using this technique.  Made with ceramic pot, masking tape, and acrylic paint. ***

Painted T-Shirt


Finished Painted Tshirt

handmade, original, upcycle, reuse, fashion, shirt, clothing, art

You will need:
-Fabric Scissors
-Permanent Marker or cloth marker
-Paint brush
-Paints (I used acrylic but it would work better with fabric paints)
-Ratty old T-Shirt


  • I would recommend placing  a magazine or piece of cardboard inbetween the front and back before painting.  This will keep the paint from bleeding through to the other side.
  • Weigh down parts of the shirt that are not being painted.  These anchors will keep the shirt from shifting around.
  • Have fun with it.  Try different cuts and styles.  Paint whatever you like!  There are so many possibilities!
DIY, crafts, tshirt, t shirt, handmade, reuse, crafts

The blank canvas.