Hand Painted Beads (yes please!)


handmade, hand painted, beads, rocks, design, diy, crafts

A few hand painted rock beads I designed. Soon I will add these to hemp jewelry! Check back for more creations.


Painted Pebble Hemp Necklace

Painted Rock, bead, handmade, hemp, macrame, jewelry

Painted pebble bead before finding its way to the necklace.

There are times when I’m convinced my creativity is drawn from thin air.  I don’t need a muse I am one.  Other times I realize these thoughts of grandeur, and still let them motivate me.  Maybe this is the way I discover beauty in everything.  Pebbles carved by sea creatures become beautiful beads.  Some experiences become opportunities for growth.

Painted Rock bead, handmade, hemp, macrame, jewelry, pebble

Finished Painted Pebble Bead Hemp Necklace

Broken Shell Necklaces

Blue Shell Necklace - Handmade

Blue Shell Necklace – Handmade


I went to visit my best friend in Florida this past summer.  As we walked along the beach I kept my eye out for seashells.  I wasn’t looking for anything perfect or pristine; I wanted broken shells I could turn into jewelry.  I painted the shell with acrylic paint and sanded it down until I found the desired shape and color.  After a few coats of sealant and a small brass choker chain I feel like they turned out quite nicely.


Pink Shell Necklace - Handmade

Handmade necklace made from broken seashell and acrylic paint sanded down to give a vintage look.


Pink Shell Necklace - Handmade

Pink Shell Necklace – Handmade


Skull Hemp Macrame


Skull Hemp Macrame

My mother is terrified of this bracelet.
I set it down on the living room table momentarily, and it jumped out to scare her.
She runs into the kitchen, “Gross, what is that creepy thing you left there on the table?” Even disguised as brightly colored glossy beads, skulls are only morbid reminders to her.
I am the sort of girl that likes a bit of spookiness folded in this time of year. It keeps my spirits high when my fingers still have a firm grip around summer mindsets. Reminds me to make the best of my mortality and to not to take things too seriously.

Bracelet is approximately 8 inches long. Handmade from hemp and plastic beads.