Cover: Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes


Tantalus – Original Song


Another original masterpiece.

This one is about the inevitable reach.

Our innate ability to keep grasping for what we desire, what we believe we need,

even if the distance is impossible.

Even if the distance makes us powerless.


Copyright Erica Wolfling 2014

My Kind of Time Capsule


[insert an excuse for why I haven’t published anything lately or assume that I am Batman and therefore very busy]

Sparkly Pill Container Time Capsule Materials, pill container, time capsule, DIY, upcycle, glitter, beads, sparkle,

Sparkly Pill Container/Time Capsule

I save all of my prescription pill containers. There is a specific basket in my room just for the empties. I haven’t had any success finding a practical way to up-cycle these hazy orange bottles. Then I was challenged to make a nontraditional time capsule. Voila – Sparkly Pill Container/Time Capsule. I left it hidden in the medicine cabinet so that it’s rediscovery will be unexpected. Wham-bam, glitter-glam, thank-you-ma’am.

Happy Pill Container Time Capsule Materials, pill container, time capsule, DIY, upcycle, glitter, beads, sparkle,


Happy Pill Container Time Capsule Materials, pill container, time capsule, DIY, upcycle, glitter, beads, sparkle,

Hiding Place


Another Cover Song – Braille by Regina Spektor


Now we’re exploring the passionate grit, the capacious caverns of instinctive emotion, the burrows of past and future pain manifested into seemingly meaningless tones and frequencies. Cumulatively this is my heart and soul, my desire, my wildfire. Here I am vulnerable; a feeling that is increasingly becoming familiar and comfortable.

I share with you another cover. The strikingly beautiful Braille from Regina Spektor’s debut album 11:11. After a particularly defeating day I sat down at my piano and recorded this on my cellphone. I hope you have time give it a listen.


A Mindful New Year


“Amidst the rush of worldly comings and goings,
observe how endings become beginnings.”

Tao Te Ching – 16th verse


2013 was a dirt path winding, barely visible, crooked through the woods. Step by step I ventured further into fragile self-awareness and awe drenched mindfulness. I tore my way past difficult terrain and stood broad even after my feet caught hold of sycamore roots. I dodged the falling flecks of granite and leering boulders; obstructions sent to lead me astray. I climbed until I reached the inevitable descent. I hit rock bottom to soak my feet in the icy stream and continued onward.  I reached each peak with fiery grace and fury. Stopping in the earthly silence to meditate on my travel.

When I reflect on the year behind I see mountains; I see a scared little girl trapped inside her own delusions. I see her reach out from swelling, unforgiving mother nature and latch on to therapeutic creativity. I see someone who found the glitter in the black. Who grasped the opportunity to rebuild from ashes and lit herself like the phoenix. She has created beginnings from endings. She is an enigma.



Platform – Original Song


I wrote this song after a long bike ride.  I had outlined a snazzy piano riff earlier that day and believed it could sustain an entire song.  So I poured myself a glass of wine, snuggled down into the piano bench, and developed what eventually evolved into “Platform.”

I needed to write this to let go of the last few flecks of heartbreak.  I needed to write it to avenge my own personal injustices of love maintained; to plant some glimmer in the rubble left behind.  As the title suggests “Platform” is about raising someone up.  Lifting them and supporting them while they walk all over you.  Metaphors.